Learn More About the Services We Offer


Action License and Title is an expert in the industry and handles a wide variety of services. We put the customer first and save you the time of standing in line at your local Secretary of State. Time is precious, so we give you the efficiency and convenience that you need in your day. We offer a wide array of services that includes the following:

TruckLicense and Title for Most Vehicles:

  • Passenger & B-truck (OTC)
  • Heavy trucks
  • Recreation vehicles
  • Motorcycles (OTC)
  • Utility trailers
  • Semi-trailers
  • Recreational trailers

Specialty Titles:

  • Duplicate
  • Corrected
  • Fast title service

Specialty Plates:

  • Military
  • Antique
  • Sport teams

We also offer the following:

  • Title service for ATVs
  • Notary Administration Services
  • Over-The-Counter Stickers
  • Over-The-Counter Plates (Passenger, B-Truck, C-Truck, & MCY)
  • Fast title service

A little more information about Action…

Rockford License is an affiliated company owned and operated by Action License and Title. We work with a variety of businesses as an expert in running services. We take the burden off of businesses that have enough on their plate, and ensure that the workday runs smoother. Some of the services that Rockford License offers include:

Pick Up License & Title Applications

  • Primarily from currency exchanges, remitters, and all types of dealerships
  • Territory for pick up includes the area between I-90 and the Wisconsin border such as McHenry, Wheeling, and Zion to name a few

Finalize Paperwork with the Secretary of State

  • Primarily for out of state leasing companies
  • Including plates and transfer cards, amongst others
  • Run this service for our clients once or twice a week as needed

That’s right, we will hand deliver applications to the Secretary of State for you!